The Gospel – 5 Facts Every Christian Needs to Know – Part 1

Fact #1: The Gospel really is “Good News”!

If you’ve been a Christian for any amount of time, you have probably heard the term “Gospel”. This term has many different concepts associated with it depending on the church or ministry that you are apart of. Many reference a need to share the Gospel or to take the Gospel to the World, but what does this term really mean? At it’s core the Gospel simply means Good News. I remember the day that I heard the Good News. This was the day that I found salvation in Jesus and put my complete faith in Him. It was about nine years ago now. I had come to a point in my life where my heart was filled with anger, hate, rebellion, and selfishness. Throughout this time in my life, I thought there was nothing more to gain but my own selfish desires. One night, I had been invited to a summer camp as a teenager. As I sat in the service, surrounded by other teenagers, I felt that no one could relate to me and the pain in my heart. I did not see a way to leave the lifestyle I had grown so accustomed to living. But, I remember when the preacher on stage began to read from Ephesians Chapter 2 something began to catch my ear. He began to talk about God who is “rich in mercy”. He began to even say that God had a “great love with which He loved us”. That night, I heard the greatest news of my entire life. I heard the news that even though I had so much wrong in my life that Christ had come to this Earth 2,000 years ago, lived a perfect life, and had been crucified on the Cross. Three days later, He rose again, and He is alive forever. I heard the news that God had a great love for me and wanted to save me from myself through His one and only Son. All I had to do in that moment was believe on Jesus and leave that old life behind. I decided that night to do just that. Many times in our lives, it is easy to forget the time we first heard about the Gospel. Let us never forget that the Gospel really is Good News. People are waiting for it, and their lives depend on it.

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