The Gospel – 5 Facts Every Christian Needs to Know – Part 3

Fact #3: The Gospel is the power of God to save people

Upon becoming a Christian, there are many areas to grow and learn in. Many times, a new believer will begin to study the scriptures and learn about Christian living. Through education and books, over time, they begin to get deeper into the Christian culture and community, learning further doctrine. While these are natural progressions of the Christian life, we cannot forsake the very message that brought us on our knees to salvation. In Romans 1:16, Paul the Apostle is writing to the Romans, and states, “I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes.” When reading this passage, I always believed that Paul the Apostle was simply making a declaration of his unashamed living. After much thought and prayer on this passage, I now see it very differently. Although Paul’s life shows no level of shame for the Gospel, I believe that he wanted to explain why no shame such shame exists. The reason Paul is so unashamed of the Gospel is that it truly is the “power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes”. This is a powerful statement that beckons our attention to be given to this beautiful message as it describes the great love that God has for humanity. Even in our lack of abilities, personality, or skills, the Gospel truly has the power to save people. A message of this magnitude can take someone from darkness into light. We must use the Gospel for its intended purpose...

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