May News – Reflecting on the Last Month

Acts 8:37

Then Philip said, “If you believe with all your heart, you may.” And he answered and said, “I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.”


Love Your Neighbor Training Events

April was an amazing month of equipping people to share the love of Jesus with others. We had the opportunity to host two Love Your Neighbor events in Palmer, TX and Winnsboro, TX. Between these two events, we were able to train 27 people and lead them into an outreach into their very own communities. One of the specific stories that really touched my heart took place in Winnsboro, TX. After training a great group of people to share their faith more effectively, we led an outreach into the community. One of the teams that went out met a man who lived not far from the church. As they walked up to the home, they noticed there were motorcycles parked in the driveway. When they began to speak with him, he shared about his life and his heart. He did not yet know Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. This team shared the Good News with the man about what Jesus did for him. They then asked him what would keep him from knowing Jesus and giving his life completely to Him. After pondering for a moment, the man expressed that he wanted to do that very thing, give his life to Jesus! Transformation began for this man right on his doorstep. As believers, we must always be willing to share the Good News with others. We never know how many lost people are right around our neighborhood until we step out and meet them. One of the two people on this team that led this man to Jesus had never reached out this way before. It was her first time and Jesus used her as a part of the process to lead this man to Christ!


Ministering in Costa Rica

In April, I (Allen) also had an incredible opportunity to join with my pastor, John Bates, and others from the staff of our home church to be used in a prayer room for a conference in Costa Rica. During this week of ministry, we had the privilege to pray with, minister to, and speak into the lives of many missionaries and pastors from all over the world who have a heart to share the love of Jesus with Muslim people groups. Many testimonies came forward of these ministers being refreshed and ignited through this prophetic time of prayer and ministry. God is doing some incredible things in the lives of Muslims, and it was an honor to be involved in this role.


As always, we greatly appreciate each and every one of you who pray for and support the vision of this ministry to train up ambassadors to reach their communities. Thank you for believing in us!


Together in the Harvest,


Allen & Mallorie Moorman

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