Training & Outreach

The Ignite Love Training and Outreach Event is designed to equip believers in the local church to more effectively communicate the Gospel in their everyday life. The training sessions that are taught throughout the event focus on basic foundations of evangelism, as well as equipping individuals in spirit-led and practical evangelism.  The sessions are followed by an outreach to impact the surrounding community. We work with the local church to find the outreach that best fits the church and community.  The range of outreaches may include door-to-door, follow-up visitation, drink/food giveaways, children’s outreach, street evangelism, or many others.  Every event is prayerfully organized according to each church/ministry size and budget, and geared to fit the needs or desires of the church. The event concludes with a powerful evangelistic service focused on sharing the Gospel and ministering to the lost. Through the steps of preparation for the event, we encourage people, systematically, to invite many first time guests. Our team will also work with the local church to plan and execute a follow up system for the guests are reached throughout the event outreach and services. For a more detailed look at the event and preparation steps, download the free Event Manual below.


The Ignite Love Coaching Platform is designed to take the leaders and pastors we serve to the next level in their ability to successfully reach their community. Through a specific weekly or monthly coaching schedule, we meet one-on-one with pastors and leaders to challenge, inspire, and help them brainstorm. These sessions help the leader to develop ideas, systems, and processes that can increase the size of their volunteer team, cultivate evangelism in the DNA of the church, and steward more effective means of reaching the community. Contact us to start your coaching sessions with our team today!


Allen Moorman

One of the most important aspects of the Ignite Love event is the planning and preparation. With proper planning, preparation, and execution, the event will be a huge success for the organization and participants! This event manual will assist any pastor or leader in the process of hosting an Ignite Love event in their city. Click the link to download your free copy of this event manual.